k a t r i p a a k k a r i


Lisa Litany (2013)

Installation; interactive sound (oscillators), chain, 1:1 sculpture (polyester resin, clothes), silicon


An inner rebellion towards learned rules, the willpower to break the tabus of the western regimes and expectations, and the personal journey in stepping over the borders of concience, good and bad. Lisa is standing in the room biting apples, which is the symbol of the forbidden fruit. There is indication to church, an Gothic arch put together from chain which reacts with sound when the viewer walks through it. There is a shedded skin on the hanger and the sound is very present- it reacts to the movement in the space, colour of the clothes and the amount of the light coming from the garden outside. The smell of the rottening apples are taking over when you enter the room, but not unpleasantly. The smell adds to the feel of the entirety together with interactive, all the time changing sound and composition in the space with the real size figure.


Peek -a-Boo (2013)

An interactive sculpture with sound; concrete, plaster, paint, wire, piece of furniture, bass string, light, 80's mixer and a piezo at private view in CMR Gallery, Redruth


Dual self portrait of the artist, figurative head showing tongue to her dark alter ego. This playful work descripes the dual-mind of human being, on the other hand aspiring to honesty but on the other hand getting busted over their own thoughts. The other self who listens to your own thoughts and talking out of turn. There is a door handle fixed to the colourful structure of wood, which is embroidered with electric wire. Moving the stucture by grabbing the handle forth and back it is possible to play with the figures, making the head to lick the alter ego and to play with the wired bass string in between. The stucture is miked with a piezo and amplified through a mixer from 1980's.

Entrance of The Gladiators, video installation (2013) Duration: 6:17

Ukulele: R Nasi, Bass: K Paakkari

Together with video: Mr Machiavelli (2011)


This screening is paired with two different videos. Entrance of The Gladiators is showing a smug clown as an opposite to but inspired by Bruce Naumans's suffering clown (Clown Torture 1987). The clown is presenting human kind in it's worst kind. Quoting A. Einstein: “We all know that light travels faster than sound. That's why certain people appear bright until you hear them speak.” the clown descripes the spirit of the peoples political mind, idiocy and ignorance mixed with the greed for gain and pride. Every time he opens his mouth Entry of The Gladiators (original composed by Julius Fučík in 1897) starts to play, the song which has been comprised with the circus theme and clumsy, tragicomic clowns.


Video Mr Machiavelli originates in Florence, where the author lived. The artist was staying in residence in Toscana and was inspired by a scorpion which had hidden in the bag and by the book The Prince (Machiavelli 1513). Placing a see through glass on the scorpion it started to walk around the glass, raising it's pincers and reminding of a tank with it's armour for 3 minutes before letting it out. Every time the scorpion raises it's pincers the sound of people cheering to Adolf Hitler's talk during his regime joins in. The attempt to escape with heavily armed appearance and will to survive became an intriguing combination and description of the vulnerability of the human kind.

Mr. Miracle (2011)


Polystyrene, video, sound, fluorescent light, furniture